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AudienceBakery offers robust and unique content. Like your product its the content that drives brand loyalty and emotional connection with your customers. Blend our understanding of music and the way it connects to your audience with proven technology and you have the AudienceBakery advantage. We have experts not interns developing your branded music channel. Our technology includes a one of a kind turn-key technical solution that includes branded players easily shared and deployed across social networks, mobile devices, web sites, and ad networks; high quality streaming, royalty management and fees; and location based marketing technology.


Share Your Player
Social Tools & Tech

Social networking is a must in any marketing plan. Use your fans to help build loyalty to your brand with an AudienceBakery branded music channel. In January 2012, Facebook said "Music is one of the most powerful and fun ways to connect." Your branded music channel can be embedded on your Facebook, Google+, or other social networking site so your fans can share it with their friends.


Mobile Device Players
Mobile Tools & Tech

The majority of your customers already have cell phones. The latest studies show the number of smartphones at over 40% and increasing daily. Add iPads and other tablets, and laptops and you're missing a large amount of your customers if you're not streaming.


Moving Up
Analytics and Information

AudienceBakery offers a complete set of analytical tools to help you understand and better connection with your customers. Detailed, geographic reports on listening times and locations, access to keywords, phrases, and sharing across social networks, and usage and location data, surveys, and participation across the mobile spectrum.


Your Audience
Targeted, Knowledge Based Content Creation

AudienceBakery creates each Branded Radio-On-The-Go specifically for your customer. Using your knowledge of your customer, our experience building communities with music, and on-going music and audience research we keep your community active and current on things they care about.


Streaming and Royalty Management

We take care of everything. We help you turn your customers into fans while building your brand with unique content. Customized player design, streaming, and royalties are included. The technology is compatible on all mobile platforms, social networks, ad networks, and web sites. Managing music and royalties is carefully monitored and reported. You can fill confident that you're in full compliance with all licensing.


Cosumer Research
Customer Research and Usage Analysis

AudienceBakery is affiliated with Doug Jones Research to offer you unique research techniques on consumers of audio content. Our toolset includes an online research tool developed in conjunction with DJ Research. This tool offers live on-line reporting to tracks results and activity. America's top media companies including ABC, ESPN, Clear Channel, CBS, and others use Doug Jones when they want to know what the audience thinks and how best to create a stronger experience between brand and customer.