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Is barter really a good deal?

What’s your inventory worth? Barter providers may require up to six :30 second spots per hour, 24/7. More than likely a cash fee is piled on top of the spots. What’s your trade rate? Multiply that times six times 24 times 365.

Here’s what you might be giving up when you barter:

• Up to 52,560 spots per year, three minutes an hour. How much are your spots worth?

• Unacceptable Spots: Condoms, feminine products, hemorrhoid creams, pimple medicine, suspect drugs, and weight loss, XM/Sirius. Do you really want those products on your air? What about the complaints your get from advertisers and listeners?

• Labor intensive logging, affidavits, reporting

• Prerecorded generic voicetracks from overworked announcers with your call letters sold as “real-time”

• Bad customer service because you’re a “small” station and they’re in the “big time.” Just ask them.

• Formats and services from the people who don’t care more about their investors than their customers.

• It’s the way of Wall Street. In business seven years, we’re a privately owned cash business. We only have our clients to serve.

• They don’t get paid by you, they get paid by the advertisers. Who do you think they consider the client?


Barter Employee cost comparison

The following numbers are based on a required to air four thirty second spots per hour of network inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• 35,040 to 52,560 spots per year

• $350,400 to $525,600 per year – average local rate $10

• $175,200 - $262,800 per year – average local rate $5

• $63,336 per year – minimum wage $7.25 an hour not including vacation, sickness, and employment taxes

Why we don't barter?

Here’s why barter is not a good idea for you: When you barter with a radio network it costs you money. You have to give up four to six spots an hour, your traffic department has to fill out affidavits, and your audience hears spots for condoms, hemorrhoid medicine, feminine hygiene products, and satellite radio. That’s just the beginning. The radio people broadcasters have trusted for years are gone. No more ABC, SMN, or Jones. The original Westwood One is gone. Westwood One is now owned by Cumulus. Enough said. The fact is, the networks do not care about you because you’re not in a large or major market.

Here’s why barter doesn’t work for us: It increases our expenses drastically. We don’t get paid for 90 days because of national network business. We have to “charge” you more by adding commercials, fewer services, little to no customer service – all to “control expenses.” Everyone at AudienceBakery financially participates in the success of your station and our company. We’re all working toward the same goal and all on the same team.

Reserve your market now

You may be surprised when you talk to your Client Representative (Yes, that’s client NOT affiliate). Our folks can talk radio sales, operations, programming, management, or whatever because they’ve actually worked at local radio stations. Experience the difference on-air and off-air with AudienceBakery Radio. We can have you on the air in 30 days or less. Our radio formats are market exclusive based on coverage area. Ask for details. Call toll free today 877.480.RADIO

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Donna Halverson

Donna Halverson

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Background: Small and Major Market Radio Station Sales, ABC Radio Networks

Alaska - Arizona - California - Hawaii - Idaho - Montana - New Mexico - Nevada - Oklahoma - Oregon - Texas - Utah - Washington - Wyoming

Customer Service & Advertising

Bob Romanko

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Background: Small & Major Market Radio Station Sales, Programming, & Management

Alabama - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana Minnesota - North Carolina - South Carolina - North Dakota - South Dakota Virginia - West Virginia

Judy Sorrell Client Representative

Judith Sorrell

1.866.480.RADIO x.235 click2email

Background: Small & Major Market Radio Station Sales & Management

Arkansas - Colorado - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Mississippi - Missouri - Nebraska - Ohio - Tennessee - Wisconsin

Robin Sanchez Client Representative

Robin Sanchez

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Background: Small & Major Market Radio Station Sales & Event anagement

Smooth R&B Urban AC - Smooth & Hot Urban Contemporary - Classic R&B - Gospel - Multicultural - Specialty

Bob Long Client Representative

Bob Long

1.866.480.RADIO x9517 click2email

Background: Major Market & Network Sales, Programming, & Promotion

Connecticut - Delaware - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - New Hampshire - New York - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - Washington, DC. - Vermont

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