AudienceBakery Radio Nav Bar AudienceBakery Radio's 24/7 music formats Frequently asked questions.  Your answer may be here AudienceBakery Radio Solutions 24/7 Radio Formats Great radio people make great radio stations! Since 2008, AudienceBakery has been creating content for radio stations and major brands like Walmart, Lowe's, Hertz, and State Farm. Give AudienceBakery Radio a call, we would love to find out about your radio station.

What We Offer

AudienceBakery Radio offers the first localized syndicated radio formats that give you control of what you want. Our formats are designed to drive listening and revenue with programming that engages key demographics sought by advertisers.

We offer a variety of formats in Country, Classic Rock, Alternative, AOR, Classic Hits, Oldies, AC Hits, Hot AC, Urban AC, Adult Standards, Smooth Jazz, custom, and more. We have a variety of mobile, social, and digital revenue tools and applications, as well as sales tools and promotions.

Our clients have 24/7 customer support. Here's a list of some key Bakery benefits:

Family friendly, major market air talent

Fresh local content

100% local inventory

100% control of spot-load

Easy, seamless integration with local programming

Flexible clocks to maximize revenue and audience

No affidavits, no network spots, no offensive products

Designed for maximum revenue growth and opportunities


How We Do It

AudienceBakery Radio is designed for radio listeners by radio people. Our programming, content, and music are researched.  Our staff is packed with major market personalities, news people, and programmers. We've owned and operated radio stations, ad agencies, production, research, marketing, and consulting firms. We don't own any of your competitors.

Who We Are

Since 2008, AudienceBakery has been creating unique and exceptional listening experiences that build an emotional bond between your station's brand and its listeners. Our programmers have served millions of radio listeners in markets of all sizes around the world. The integration of local content, features, and the right talent as a part of programming delivers a competitive, consistent, high quality, local sounding radio station.

AudienceBakery Radio is a Phil Hall company.  Phil is a global leader in listener driven programming and content development.  He is a former station group owner, network executive, audience development consultant, major market PD, radio on the Internet pioneer, and VP/Programming at ABC Radio Networks where he managed ABC MusicRadio and set the standard for 24 hour music formats with one in every ten U-S commercial radio stations carrying ABC format programming.

Our people love the radio business and respect the real radio people running stations still focused on their listeners and community.  Great radio programming means great sales and revenue growth. AudienceBakery Radio does GREAT radio!

How It Works

AudienceBakery Radio programming comes directly from your station. No sunspots. No down time. Updated programming elements are delivered via a dedicated high speed Internet connection to your AudienceBakery Radio Player which easily integrates with your existing automation and traffic system.  No re-learning for your staff.  Our RadioPlayer works like a satellite receiver with two exceptions.  The quality is greatly enhanced over what satellite provides and you completely control the length of your commercial breaks with no fill songs or other materials.

Reserve Your Market Now

Heads up! You may be surprised when you talk to your Client Representative (Yes, that’s client NOT affiliate).  Our folks can talk radio sales, operations, programming, management, or whatever you need because they’ve actually worked at local radio stations.  Experience the difference on-air and off-air with AudienceBakery Radio.   We can have you on the air in 30 days or less.  Our formats are market exclusive based on coverage area.  Ask for details.  See your client representative below and give them a call or drop them an email.

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Real Radio People to Help

Customer Service & Advertising

Bob Romanko



Background: Small & Major Market Radio Station Sales, Programming, & Management

East of the Mississippi

Judy Sorrell Client Representative

Judith Sorrell



Background: Small & Major Market Radio Station Sales & Management

West of the Mississippi

247 Formats




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