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AudienceBakery's Branded Radio On The Go connects to your customers; extending your brand into their home, work, and mobile devices. Our one-to-one content targets your customer, product, location, promotion or other custom design as required. We provide turn-key content solutions with one-stop technology through including streaming, social networking applications, mobile apps, location based marketing, royalties and licensing fees.


Laser Target

AudienceBakery helped McAfee Security target techs and IT personnel for Christmas with a special rock Christmas channel just for them. The music was targeted to the core group and the McAfee Christmas channel set new levels in time spent listening for Internet listening.

Build A Branded Community

The Outpost Life. Radio For The Great Outdoors. Targeted at hunters, fishermen, and anyone who enjoys the woods and water. AudienceBakery created a unique mix of country, rock, bluegrass, and folk with a unique attitude than spanned across social media and mobile. The Outpost Radio drives traffic to the website, digital magazine, TV programs and mobile and social promotions.

Drive Promotions

State Farm Insurance encouraged customers to "Get To A Better State." AudienceBakery created a 24/7 upbeat, positive, "Get To A Better State" music channel that could be embedded in agent's websites or shared across social networks, email, and mobile.

Branded Radio On The Go

Hertz Car Rentals connects with customers 24/7 with a variety of targeted music channels listed to and shared across mobile and social networks; and heard at Hertz locations at airports and rental stores across the country and mobile, social, and digital properties .

Destinations & Entertainment

Mobile, in-room, online. Entertain. Inform. Connect. Keep the vacation and word of mouth going when AudienceBakery creates a music channel that keeps the vacation dream and experience alice year round.

Building Brand Awareness

AudienceBakery tools keep the party rolling with your fans wherever they are. Connect across mobile, social, and digital platforms with one turn-key solution. Branded Radio On The Go helps you build brand community 24/7. Some of the world's most famous brands of liquor have used AudienceBakery to spice up their house parties with fans.

Cross Platform Promotion

When Ritz Crackers teamed with the highly successful FOX TV Series Glee, AudienceBakery built the customer "Gleek Out with Ritz" channel featuring originals and Glee cast versions of hits. Gleek Out Radio drove entrants to post YouTube videos with Ritz for a chance to meet the cast in Los Angeles.

Incentive & Reward

Captain Morgan's Long Island Ice Tea Party promotion needed an exclsuive music channel for all those who signed up for the Captain Morgan Party Pack. AudienceBakery created a party mix specifically targeted to the core audience for the promotion. A great party favor and still creating fun had by everyone and brand awareness for Captain Morgan!

The Steer Radio


Texas Country is all the rage on college campuses across the Lonesteer state. The Steer targets this unique group of young tastemakers with it's unique blend of Texas Country music. It's so good, in less than a year on the air, it's been nominated for Texas Country station of the year.

The SONLight

Mission & Ministry

Branded Radio On The Go keeps congregations and followers in touch 24/7. Channels are easily added to serve music ministries, Sunday School lessions, and sermons. It's a great fund raising tool to support community efforts and missions.